Welcome to Hinsdale Community Church

what we do

Our Mission

We are passionate Christian congregation that lays all emphasis on the Bible as the Basis of faith.And the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Our church

Mission & Beliefs

“At Hinsdale Community Church you'll be welcomed by people who have come together to know Christ and live by his testament.”


Teach Children

Our weekday and weekend gatherings take a lot of people to make them work, from ushers to greeters, youth and.

Study the Bible

We seek and are committed to building relationships and have intentional and strategic partnerships where we can.

To Help those in Need

We believe God has called us to be a church that that follows Him by turning our hearts and our focus to global.

our goals

We exist to connect people to Jesus and each other

We are a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people. Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we have a heart for authentic worship, are passionate about the local church, and are on mission to see God’s kingdom established across the earth. We are a church that believes in Jesus, a church that loves God and people.

the church

You matter to God. You matter to us.

If you believe what your school taught you about Evolution,  your Just a happy Mistake in the cosmos.  Here at HCC  we know  the truth that you have a creator and were wonderfully made for a purpose. God made you. You mater to God and us.


Pastor David Fisher

Senior Pastor of Hinsdale Community Church